about dchashing

On On Hashers,

This site came online in 1994 as a public resource with the goal of providing a place on the web for information in the mega hashing region of DC.

It is in no way related to, part of or directly involved in ANY of the hash clubs listed on this site.

I try to keep everything accurate with the information provided to me by the area hashes and hope you find the information useful and valuable.

Feel free to email the webmaster if you have a realistic addition or correction for the site.

Please do not email me with a complaint about anything related to a trail, a trail location or how pissed off you are about the trail or anything related to a trail or event.

In fact, don't email me about anything negative at all. I don't really give a big ole steaming pile of dog poo about your complaint simply because I can't do anything about it anyway. The clubs operate completely on their own.

Thank you, happy trails and on on!