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Fridays usually 5ish to 7:00 at a Bar near you!

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Beltway Bob Happy Hour on September 29th will be at Carpool in Ballston! 5ish PM, cum have a good time with your friends!
Next Friday: RDR BLT!!!


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Beltway Bob

The Friday Hash Happy Hour is such a simple plan: area kennels pick a bar they like and tell us about it.  You, the hasher, text, e-mail, facespace, tweet, carrier pigeon, or otherwise get that virgin you met last week, (or the hottie from next cube) to accompany you to said happy hour.  Try a new beer, shoot the shit with some hash pals, and start your weekend right. If you pick a place that generally has a sleepy, small HH Friday crowd, please call in advance and warn them that you invited a bunch of people to their bar, and that sometimes we have upwards of 30+ people show up, so they may want to keep a bartender on call to come in.

Some things to know... FAQs if you will:

·       We stick to bars inside the beltway and within a 10 minute walk of a metro, unless it’s a special event or someplace is really awesome.

·     If the rep does not get the write up emailed to Beltway Bob by Wednesday at the end of the workday, it will not be posted in time for happy hour. Bob has to support her hashing habit somehow!

·       Come when you want, but key drinking hours--and when you should expect to see other hashers--are usually 5-ish to 7-is or later.  Happy Hour prices rock.

·       Most every month the B2H2 will be the fullmOOn hash prelube, if coordinated ahead of time with the rep above (not Beltway Bob, herself).

·       This is not a kennel, and there is no trail.  It’s is (just) happy hour.

Wanna Hare?  If so track down the BB contact for your favorite hash, check the schedule for an upcoming date and tell them you wanna set it all up.  If your kennels is hosting fullmOOn, please coordinate to swap dates on your own and email me.  Don't have your hash coordinator’s digits?  Get to the hash and ask 'em for it!

Kennel HH Contacts:

DCH4:  Uno, Dos, Tres, LIFTOFF!
EWH3: La Gingeracha
H4: Straight In The Navy
MVH3:  Milk Money
RedTent: IUD Me
SH*T:  Senior Douchberg
WH4: Read Between the Slime