The Sixth Annual Washington D.C. Area Red Dress Run

-------Saturday, October 2, 1999-------

Time: Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. so cum early and have a beer. Hares away at 3:00 p.m.

Start: Luluís New Orleans Cafe, 1217 22nd Street, NW (22nd and M Streets), Washington, D.C.

Cost: $30 if postmarked on or before September 4*

*As a bonus for registering early, you are guaranteed a complete Bag of Goodies, including a Red Dress Run Ď99 T-shirt, a personalized name tag, and other great Red Dress giveaways!

$35 if postmarked after September 4 but before September 25 (includes a Bag of Goodies with a Red Dress Run Ď99 T-shirt while they last and tags that are not personalized)

$40 after September 25 (includes giveaways as available on a first cum first served basis)

Hares and MisManagement: Blank Check, Harddrive, Black Box, Big Bird Turd, Hasher Humper, Dual Air Bags, Pay Per View, and Wilburrr.

What you get:

  • Beer!
  • A unique Red Dress Run T-shirt!
  • Beer!
  • <
  • Other great giveaways!
  • Great food!
  • Contests for best dressed!
  • Beer!
  • Dancing!
  • Did I mention, Beer!
  • Another chance to wow the natives and tourists by running around DC with a few hundred of your closest friends in Red Dresses!
  • Other Important Stuff to Know:

    • Red Dress is mandatory! Donít even think about showing up without one.
    • This is an A to A run (which means we are starting and ending at the same place). However, since you may be doing some drinkingósay it isnít so take the Metro.
    • You will be able to change into and/or out of your Red Dress at Luluís and can leave your hash bag there during the run.
    • Dogs are not welcome, so leave yourís at home, please.
    • Register early (before September 4). Itís the best deal and itís the only way to ensure getting your complete Bag of Goodies, including a T-shirt, personalized name tag, and all the other great stuff we have in store.

    • To kick off the weekend, on Friday, October 1 at 7 p.m., there will be a full mOOn pre-lewd "Cum and Get Leiíd" hash. Call 202-PUDJAM 0 (thatís zero) and press 3# for details.
    • On Sunday, October 3, there will be a recovery run sponsored by the White House Hash. Call 202-PUDJAM 0 (thatís zero) and press 7# for details.


    Visit our web sites at: or

    Call 202-PUDJAM 0 (thatís zero) for the latest information or contact:

    Black Box
    Blank Check at
    Harddrive at
    Pay Per View at

    Directions to the DC Area Red Dress Run

    Saturday, October 2, 3 pm

    LuLu's New Orleans Cafe - 22nd and M Streets, NW in Washington D.C.

    Registration Begins at 1:30 so cum early & have a beer


    Please take the Metro rail! Avoid parking and police (DWI) hassles!

    The Foggy Bottom stop on the Orange or Blue Line is 3 blocks from the start. Turn left out of the station and walk up 23rd Street. Cross Washington Circle and get onto New Hampshire Avenue. Take New Hampshire and turn left onto 22nd. Go 1 block to Lulu's at 22nd and M. The Dupont Circle stop on the Red Line is about 4 blocks down New Hampshire Avenue. Exit the station and go to the right around the Front Page Bar to get onto New Hampshire. At M Street take a right and go one block to 22nd.

    The following Metro stops have parking: From the West, you can get the Orange Line at Vienna (I66 and Nutley Street) or West Falls Church (I66 and Route 7) and take it to Foggy Bottom. From the South, you can park at the Pentagon (off I395) or at Springfield (I395 and I495) and take the Blue Line to Foggy Bottom. From the North, you can take the Red Line from Forest Glen (at Forest Glen Road and Georgia Avenue) to Dupont Circle. From the East you can take the Orange Line at New Carrollton or Landover to Foggy Bottom.

    If you must drive, please look at a map.

    West of DC:

    Take I66 East toward Washington DC

    Cross the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge

    Take the first left exit for E Street and turn right onto E Street

    Turn left on 20th Street

    Take a left onto M Street and drive to 22nd Street. Lulu's is on your right

    South of DC:

    Take I395 North across the Potomac on the 14th Street Bridge

    Stay to the left and take 14th Street North

    Turn left on I Street

    Turn right on 20th

    Take a left onto M Street and drive to 22nd Street. Lulu's is on your right

    East of DC:

    Take Route 50 East (New York Avenue) into the city

    Take New York Avenue East following signs for "Downtown DC" past the Convention Center

    Turn right on 12th

    Turn left on I Street

    Turn right on 20th

    Turn left onto M Street and drive to 22nd Street. Lulu's is on your right

    North of DC:

    Head east on I495 (inner loop) to exit 22

    Then go south on the Baltimore Washington Parkway to New York Avenue

    Follow "East of DC" directions from there.

    OR from inside the Beltway

    Take Connecticut Avenue south past (i.e., under) Dupont Circle.

    Turn right onto M Street and drive to 22nd Street. Lulu's is on your right



    ------------- Registration and Waiver of All Possible Rights -------------

    [Write legibly, please!]

    Hash Name:

    Nerd Name:

    Street Address:

    City, State, Zip Code:

    Home Phone:____________________ Work Phone:

    E-mail Address:

    Home Hash:

    I understand that hashing and drinking are hazardous activities and I do either/both of my own free will. I'm at least 21 years old and I assume responsibility for myself. I waive my right, and that of my family and anyone else, to sue any hashers or any sponsoring or affiliated organizations or businesses connected to the Red Dress Run. In other words, if I get hurt, it's my own damn fault and everyone else is blameless.

    Signature: _____________________________________________ Date:

    (your nerd name, stupid)


    Cost: $30 if postmarked on or before September 4.*

    $35 if postmarked after September 4 but before September 25.

    $40 after September 25, including day of the event.

    *Registering early (before September 4) is the only way to ensure receiving the best price and a complete Bag of Goodies with T-shirt, personalized name tag, and other great Red Dress run items.

    T-shirt size: (circle one) M L XL

    Make checks payable to:

    DC Area RDR

    Mail this registration form along with your check to:

    Patti Thomas

    3330 N. Kensington Street

    Arlington, VA 22207



    A Little Red Dress History from Harddrive

    Back in 1994, the Mount Vernon hash had among its members a hasher named Short Cummings who had hashed in San Diego, where the Red Dress Run originated around 1986. Short Cummings' incessant whining to Roto and Harddrive about doing a DC area Red Dress Run finally got to us and along with S'not we started planning the event. The rest goes something like this:

    Red Dress I - September 1994 - 140 hashers

    Hares: Short Cummings, Roto, Harddrive and S'not Start and Finish: Bardo Rodeo, Arlington, VA

    Highlights: Trail went from Arlington into DC via the Memorial Bridge after a rousing FíAbraham ala "Chorus Line" on both sides of Wilson Blvd. After a trek around the Washington Monument and a beer stop along the Potomac (where the pack formed a giant red arrow directing planes to National Airport), the trail led to a Metro ride back to Arlington and the On-On-On at Bardo. A hare side note: during scouting of the trail, the hares planned on using a particular metro stop as an egress from the trail to ensure they were one Metro train ahead of the pack. Well, that Metro stop is closed on Saturday so the hares were forced to use a different Metro stop. The confusion had our hares get on the train going the wrong direction. This little slip up had the hares on the same Metro train that the pack was about to board. The hares figured this might happen so they boarded the train at the very front and hid behind some non-hashers until the train reached the Rosslyn stop where they exited and ran to the On-On-On. The pack never knew what the hell was happening.

    Red Dress II - June 1995 - 205 hashers

    Hares: Short Cummings, Roto, Harddrive and S'not Start and Finish: Bardo Rodeo, Arlington, VA

    Highlights: Trail went from Bardo into Rosslyn through the skywalks then across the Memorial Bridge into DC. The trail went through Georgetown with a beer stop down at the boat landing. The pack ran through some sort of chili festival down by the water causing quite a disruption. It's always nice to rile the natives. Again this year we used Metro as our transportation method. A hare side note: Yes, we did it again. This time we did not get on the Metro going the wrong way but we did get to the Foggy Bottom Metro stop just a few minutes before the pack. The hares hid behind a podium while the pack boarded. Once again the hares got off at Rosslyn Metro and ran to the On-On-On at Bardo without the pack knowing they "caught" us a second year in a row. This was the last year for Short Cummings as he relocated to San Antonio - hey SC, thanks for the push to start this thing!

    Red Dress III - September 1996 - 361 hashers

    Hares: Roto, Harddrive, S'not and Burnt Sox Start: Crystal City Motel, Crystal City, VA Finish: Bardo Rodeo, Arlington, VA

    Highlights: Trail went from Crystal City up by the Pentagon, across the 14th Street Bridge to a beer stop in a grungy looking parking lot. The trail then circled the Washington Monument, across the Mall and passed the Einstein Memorial. It then headed down to the waterfront in Washington Harbor where water taxis (complete with beer!) ferried the hashers across the Potomac to Teddy Roosevelt Island. Trail went across the island and into Rosslyn, then on up to the On-On-On at Bardo. The Ft Eustis area hashers chartered a serious party bus to attend the event. Side note: The flooding of the Potomac River that preceded the hash forced the closing of Teddy Roosevelt Island, so in good DC tradition, the hares bribbed the park's ranger to stand guard on the island and let the hashers cross.

    Red Dress IV - September 1997 - 478 hashers

    Hares: S'not, Burnt Sox, Blank Check and Pay Per View Start: The Rock, Washington, DC Finish: Bardo Rodeo, Arlington, VA

    Highlights: Beginning at the Rock, we killed two kegs in the hour before trail started. Trail went around the MCI Center to the Labor Department. At this point the trail went to the Capitol but the pack did not. They ended up going around the DC101 and WHFS "blocktober fest" party disrupting the live bands. The block-partiers seemed to be enjoying the entourage of red more than the bands. After running a half mile the wrong way, Roto and Harddrive turned the pack back toward the front of the Capitol. Trail then lead passed the Capitol reflecting pool and the Air and Space Museum to the beer stop at 6th and D, SW, where three more kegs were killed. We picked up a DC motorcycle cop at this point and he enthusiastically "shadowed" us the rest of the way on trail. Trail went through the L'Enfant promenade to the Mall, passed the Washington Monument and across to the White House. The pack went around the White House through Lafayette Park to the McPherson Square Metro stop. We took the metro to Arlington and On-On-On at Bardo.

    Red Dress V - September 1998 - 605 hashers

    Hares: Blank Check, Harddrive, Burnt Sox, and Pay Per View Start and Finish: Luluís New Orleans Cafe, Washington, DC

    Highlights: After gathering at our new location at Luluís we took the pack up a couple of blocks to Washington Circle, which was a perfect place to "circle up" and to be lead in FíAbraham by the Grand Masters of all of the DC Area hashes. The trail lead up New Hampshire Avenue and around to Dupont Circle. We thought it would be kind of fun to take 600 hashers in red dresses through DCís biggest gay area, and the hoots and hollers from the natives proved us right! The trail then headed into a tunnel under construction at Mass Ave. Some intrepid hashers decided to short-cut and almost caught the hares. Burnt Sox decided to be the sacrificial lamb and lead these wankers astray while Blank Check and Harddrive continued on setting true trail. The beer stop came next in an alley off 13th and New York Ave. The pack gathered quickly and quaffed much beer and water. Trail then headed towards the Mall where we encountered a slight problem, the Black Family Reunion. Who would have thought they would close off so much of the Mall for the event? Burnt Sox once again decided to be the lamb and took the pack astray while Blank Check and Harddrive set the rest of the trail. After the Mall, the trail headed to a climaxing moment of chanting and singing in front of the White House, then zigged and zagged to the On-On-On at Lulu's.