Hash #1600 (1600 TRAILS!!!! OMG!):
10 am July 8, 2017

Cost: $20

Hares: Parent's Weekend, Rosary Bleeds, Hunt for Head October, and Whale's Vagina


Start: Fort Hunt Elementary School

8832 Linton Ln, Alexandria, VA 22308

Dog Friendly Factor:  Tough dogs can survive T/E, and are welcomed at the end.  UNLESS IT’S HOT AS HELL.

Stroller Friendly Factor:  Turkey/Eagle is NOT stroller friendly, however, Penguin is.

Miscellaneous:  A-Z.  Bag vehicle provided, and be sure to bring a change of shoes, socks, and maybe a little more. Bug and tick spray highly recommended, along with some way to repel and remove PI.

Bring that summer lovin' attitude.  For our 1600th trail, we're reminiscing about the good old days, where all we cared about was peace, love, and beer.  Throw in a little hashing, and we have ourselves a trail.  Come dressed appropriately for trail, and for those that don't, fear not, our giveaway will help with that!

Directions (I suggest you use a GPS.  Nemo is my GPS and I’m just winging this and copying Google Maps… Plus I’m pretty sure hardly anyone reads this part. Let’s find out… On-On Pebbles)

From Beltway and points north:

South on US-1

Left on Fort Hunt Road (Whale’s apartment is just to your right before you turn. You could wave to him, but he’ll probably already be at trail. He likes to be early.)

Right on Elkin Street (you know every time the weather channel shows Elkins, WV, it’s snowing there?? I would NOT want to live there…)

Left on Linton Lane

School is on your right.

From Woodbridge and points south:

95 North to US-1 North (Exit 161)

Right on 235 N (Mt. Vernon Memorial Parkway) *You’re headed towards Mount Vernon!*

Continue straight onto GW Memorial Parkway (although on the map it looks like a big left curve…)

Slight right to stay on GW Memorial Parkway

Left on Stratford Lane

Right on Camden Street (It’s right after Basset Street, brake for Basset hounds!!)

Left on Linton Lane. (It’s the second time I’ve typed that and now all I can think about is how I want some Lipton tea.)

School is on your left.