Hash# 1666: 10:00 AM - September 22nd, 2018

Cost: $6.00 US

Hare(s): Roto, Nightcrawler, MR Magoo, Miss Directions, Dr Strangeglove, Bobby Longhare, and P.Enis

Theme: OKTOBERFEST! Same day as the start of Oktoberfest in Munich, just 6 hours later....

Start: 6321 Enon School Road. Marshall, VA 20115 . GPS works to get you here, but alternate driving directions provided below.

Metro: Are you kidding? This is Marshall

Dog Friendly Factor: allowed: Tough, well behaved Dogs welcome. Leash on trail recommended

Stroller Friendly Factor: if bringing stroller, see hares. Lots of shiggy, so will need a work around.

Miscellaneous: A to B. There WILL be shiggy. There will also be a pool at the end of the trail. Bring a swim suit and Plan to hang out, drink beer, and swim a bit. Runner Trail - 4 miles. Walker trail - 2.5 miles.
We will have a Keg of beer, brats, pretzels, salad and German Potato Salad. We might even have a few veggie dogs
ring a lawn chair for after - welcome to stay till the keg is gone......Or if you prefer, use us as a launching point to visit local wineries and breweries.
We will have plastic cups available, but if you have a mug of your own, bring it along.

As usual, bring dry shoes and clothes in a small bag, not your airport suitcase. Bag vehicle provided.

Directions: (just under an hour from the intersection of 66/495)
1. Make sure your gas tank is full.
2. Get on Route 66 heading WEST. (Head - who said head?!?)
3. Take Route 66 WEST many miles, to Exit 27, the Second Marshall exit (This is about 15 minutes past the first Manassas exit).
4. Take the second Marshall exit (exit 27). At the top of the hill, turn LEFT on Free State Road.
5. Cross over Route 66 on Free State Road. Turn RIGHT almost immediately onto Cresthill Road, also known as Route 647.
6. Follow Cresthill road for almost 6 miles. Along the way, you will pass the turn-offs for Ada Road and Hume Road.
7. At about 6 miles, turn LEFT on Wilson Road. Watch for this turn, as it will sneak up on you.
8. Proceed on Wilson Road about 3 1/2 to 4 miles. Along the way you will pass Free State Road and Conde Road.
9. About 1/2 mile past Conde road, turn left onto Enon School road. Go about 3/4 mile and 6321 Enon School will be on the right. Pull in....
10. Shut off motor, exit car, and get ready to hash. hash.

Directions were updated: 17:58 on 9/18/2018