Gang we need to change things up for a bit
A note from Mismanagement.
Your MVH3 mismanagement is bringing you a new concept in hashing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we're gonna do more of our beloved Asynchronous, Socially Separate (ASS) Hashing! Each weekend there will be a trail laid, so please come out any enjoy it, but do it by yourself, or with a few other trusted-to-be-clean hashers. Bring your own snacks and beer. Post pictures of yourself on trail on Facebook or the listserv, and get trail credit. To reiterate, please DO NOT show up for trail at 10am on Saturday. Pick another time that works for you, so that we can stay distant from each other. We're trying to keep as much of the hashing spirit alive, while still staying safe. OnOn! Theme: Asynchronous socially distant hashing: Come out alone or in a very small group! Bring your own beer and snacks! Take photos and selfies and post them to the Facebook event page!

Hash# 1749: 10:00 AM - April 4th, 2020



In case of trouble:

Theme: A.S.S. Hashing
(Asynchronous, Socially Separate Hashing) thank you Short Cummings

Start: Burke Centre Vre Station (Surface Lot 2)
10399 Premier Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22015:


Dog Friendly Factor: yep

Stroller Friendly Factor: sure, maybe

Trail Distances:
Runners: 3-5
Walkers: ?

Shiggy Ratings: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking):
Runners: 1-2
Walkers: 1-2

Moistness Level:

Safety: We strongly encourage all wankers to bring a phone on trail with them.
Our new "Moistness Level" will let you know if you need to wrap your electronics or if you can go in bareback.
Bring your whistle or suffer a down down
Listen up and stop talking at Chalk Talk. The Hares may (for once) have something important to say!
Latecomers: Look for directions to circle on the windshield of the Hares vehicle. PLEASE write down your name so we know you are on trail or call the hares to let them know.

Miscellaneous: ?

As usual, bring dry shoes and clothes in a small bag, not your airport suitcase. Bag vehicle provided.

Burke Centre Vre Station (Surface Lot 2)
10399 Premier Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22015

Directions were updated: 20:30 on 4/3/2020