Mismanagement Job Description - MVH3 HASH CASH--Usually, the hasher driving the nicest car, paid for with funds skimmed from the hash. The Hash Cash acts as the treasurer.

HASH REGISTER--Normally, a hasher with at least some education. The absence of any social life enables them to devote themselves to the painstaking task of preparing and updating the weekly roll and sign- in sheets. It is not a good idea to piss off the Hash Register since they are in charge of keeping tracking of your run count and thus seeing that you get your due rewards.

RELIGIOUS ADVISOR--The hasher with the worst voice and best memory for weird songs and heinous crimes committed by the assembled group of hashers. Responsible for welcoming new hashers (don't be fooled when they ask if you want to have a religious experience). Everything, including the weather, can be blamed on the Religious Advisor.

HABERDASHER--The hasher who designs and sells hash paraphernalia such as t-shirts, shorts, patches, tattoos, and other novelties with the aim of divesting you from the money the Hash Cash didn't get. Beware of 2 for 1 offers's - you never know what the Hab has in mind.

HARE RAISER--The hasher elected to encourage other hashers to hare runs. Normally not the most tactful hasher in the group. Supposed to know everything there is to know about laying a good trail (that's with an "r").

SCRIBES--Usually, the only hasher stupid enough to admit possessing writing skills. Publishes the weekly Hash Trash. A good person to suck up to if you want your name in/out of the Hash Trash.

JOINT MASTERS--Normally, a hasher who was absent on election day. Responsible for the weekly mismanagement of the hash. They strive to make everyone happy all of the time. Since this is obviously beyond their capabilities, please render the same respect you would to any other handicapped individual.