Hey wankers!

PUDJAM Weekend is only one week away!

So first and foremost, thank you everyone for making our charity event a success, reaching our goal of 200 wankers!

We hope that the party and surrounding area trails will meet your expectations (if not, the money goes to a good cause so suck it) :)

We have many more out of towners attending this event than originally anticipated, so we wanted to make a few logistics for the party location clear...

The house for Saturday's party is located in a waterfront community with neighbors. The home is 6,000 sq/ft with lots of floor space, but the lot is a half acre.

Camping (Space for ~20 People)
The yard camping space in the backyard along the cove is limited. It consists of space for 10 two-person camp lots, several of which are located on a basketball court. Thus, if you choose this option, bring air mattresses in case you are on the court or there is no more space and need to crash in the house.

Indoors (Space for ~20 People) 4 bedrooms (plus Dude's bed) and 15 air mattresses mean there is space for 20 or so people inside. There is more space out in the open areas, but it won't be easy sleeping when someone is still singing Sweet Caroline at 5am.

Otherwise, driving home if local, crashing with area friends, snoozing on a boat someone brings or in your car are viable as well.

Now if you prefer...

Hotel (Space for everyone else)
Having done some research, as of two weeks before the party, there are over 100 rooms available Friday and Saturday at the closest hotel to the party location...

Clarion Hotel, 6400 Oxon Hill Road, 12, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
If four share a double queen, it will only run you about 35 bucks each.

There is also a Comfort Inn a block or so to the east and a ton of high end hotels in National Harbor if you really want to live it up.

Now for the fun stuff... hash events and trails! Trail info in detail can be found on each kennel's website a few days before trail.


5:30PM- 7:00PM Beltway Bob's sponsored by OTH4
$20 ALL-U-Can-Drink beers and house wines
Aria Pizzeria & Bar
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004
More info as we get closer at http://www.dchashing.org/community/beltwaybob/index.htm


5:30AM DCH3 Bonus "Beerhenge" Sunrise Trail (Z to Z)
Start- Piscataway Park, Accokeek Creek Entrance, Bryan Point Rd, Accokeek, MD
Hares- Hops, 3 Holer, Spew Me Father for I have Skin
This trail is a bit farther out from other trails, but in a beautiful wetland park.

Drive to next start... 13 Miles

All remaining trails for the day will have same or nearly same end location with different nearby starts. Car shuttles and bag vehicles to be provided by the hares as needed...

10:00AM MVH3 Trail (A to C)
Start- Tanger Outlet Mall Parking Lot, 6800 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745 near the corner of Oxon Hill Rd. and Harborview Ave.

Hares- Camo Sutra, Fister Roboto, French Toasted, Spew Me Father for I have Skin

Walk/Drive from end to next start... A little over 1 mile

1:00PM SMUTTy Trail (B to C)
Start- Fort Foote Elementary School, 8301 Oxon Hill Rd, Fort Washington, Md 20744
Hares- Bourbon Street Bitch, Moremen the Better, Pole Her Express, Beer and a bag of Dildos... Good Times

Walk from end to next start... 1/2 a mile

3:00PM DCH4 Trail (C' to C")
Start- Oxon Hill Elementary School, 7701 Livingston Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
Hares- There's a Clap for That, Read Between the Slime, Ass Spelunker

Drive to Dude's House for PUDJAM Party at 8pm... about 5 miles
Road- 12417 Arrow Park Ct. Fort Washington, MD 20744
Water- house is at Green Buoy #81 in cove past Tantallon Marina near the end on the left.

Please plan accordingly and have one driver not commence heavy drinking until they arrive at the party with your drunk asses safely.

Here is a map with all locations labeled for Saturday.


All trails will run in a giant A to B to C to A loop from Dude's PUDJAM Party House. Roll out of bed and hash. Car shuttles and bag vehicles to be provided by the hares as needed...

10:00AM Hangover Brunch Trail (A to B)
Start- 12417 Arrow Park Ct. Fort Washington, MD 20744
Hares- Sorest Rump, French Toasted, Camo Sutra, Can't Find Pussy in a Haystack

Walk from end to next start... 0 Miles

11:69PM HbH3 Trail (B to C)
Start- Proud Mary Restaurant, Fort Washington Marina, 13600 King Charles Terrace, Fort Washington, MD 20744
Hares- Grinding Nemo, THANG, Osama, Pebbles, Spermaid

Walk from end to next start... 0 Miles

3:00PM BAH3 Trail (C to A)
Start- 13012 Venango Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744
Hares- Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Fat Chicks, Old Forgetful, Pump & Dump, A$$ Ogre

Here is a map with all locations labeled for Sunday

**REMEMBER... Start times are "ideal" but in reality are likely to be delayed at the whims of the pack and as the day goes on. Expect delays and get your bitching about this out now before you arrive to trails :)**

Well, I hope someone reads this! If all else fails...

ON- It's for a fucking charity- ON