Next Hash

Hash #1808

Date:                  May 8th-9th

To Receive Credit for Trail:

Show up at start time and sign in! Run with an actual pack! 

*Note this is still BYO everything and masked up COVID rules. 


Or, for continued A.S.S. hashing: Post pictures showing that you were on trail to the Mount Vernon H3 Facebook page or to Even better, take a picture with your gift… and post or send email by midnight on Sunday for trail credit.  

Hare(s): Tacos on a Bridge

Cost: $0.00

In case of trouble contact: Tacos – (803) 479-8882

Theme: “Cinco de Drinko – 3 Days Late”

Start: 330 Taylor Dr, Alexandria, VA 22314, United States

Metro: Yes – Eisenhower Metro (5 minute walk to start)

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: Sorta/will have one set of steps to go up.

Trail Distances (Miles):

Runners: ~5 miles 

Walkers: ~3 miles 

Shiggy Ratings: (1=None to 10=Jungle Bushwacking):

Runners: 2

Walkers: 1

Moistness Level (1-10):

Runners: 3

Walkers: 1 (unless you wanna jump in the creek)


Safety: We strongly encourage all wankers to bring a phone on trail with them.

Miscellaneous Notes: 

As usual, bring what you need for trail and food/beverages for before, during, and after.

Weatherman states that it will rain on Friday and Sunday, but that Saturday should be clear.  Make sure to have sunscreen and maybe a sombrero.

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