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MVH3 Trail #1937: Behind the Redwood Curtain

Saturday, September 23rd, 10:00 AM

Barcroft Park

4200 South Four Mile Fun Drive

Arlington, VA

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Cost: $6

Hares: MFV and Strawberry Hill

Walkers: 3 miles, low shiggy

Runners : 5 miles, low shiggy

Dogs: Sure.

Strollers: Might be a little tough on Runner’s, talk to Hares for details

Trail Notes: 


Strawberry Hill and I first hashed together 10+ years ago in Humboldt, California. We’re getting the band back together for a one-time special event. While it won’t have the speedos, legendary beasts, giant trees, or brambles of that earlier time, it will be a basically normal MFV trail that’s close to his house because he’s too lazy to travel far and only has so much time in his day-to-day life to lay trail.


Dress up in the hippie gear of your youth (I know how young most Mount Vernon Hashers are)/current dress of Humboldt County if you’re feeling festive.

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