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Last updated: 8:53 on 4/21/2014

AGM Registration May 16-18
Cumming soon: The Wampco/Beaver Hashlorette Pub Crawl and Hash Wedding May 30th-31st.
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Hash# 1425
10:00 AM - April 26th, 2014
$5.00 US

  Rocky Whore, Roto Router, Pinky Penis & Nightcrawler
  Old School MVH3...back in the day, when shiggy was real shiggy and food wasn't a smorgasbord!
  Clifton Elementary School, 7010 Clifton Rd, Clifton, VA 20124 (googable)
  From the South
  1. Go North on Rt. 123
  2. Turn left onto Clifton Road
  3. Follow Clifton Rd. through downtown Clifton
  4. Take a left to remain on Clifton Rd. (if you go straight, you'll be on Newman Rd.)
  5. Take next left onto Burns Way, follow back to school parking lot
  6. Park and hash

  From the North (Fairfax County Parkway, either direction)
  1. Take a left or right onto Stringfellow
  2. Follow Stringfellow and it will turn into Clifton Rd. at Rt. 29
  3. Once it turns into Clifton Rd. go about 4 miles
  4. Turn right onto Burns Way, follow back to school parking lot
  5. Park and hash

  What will be on trail:
  - Minimal poison ivy
  - TICKS - they are out there
  - Snakes (oh my!) - they are out there, too (and please don’t kill them)
  - Horses (potentially) - please leave them ALONE, do not use your whistles around them and do not go into their fenced paddock
  - GUNS - yeppers... you read that correctly... trail will be parallel to private property that is obviously marked as, "No Trespassing", "Guns in use" and "You will be shot"
  - PLEASE respect the private property and stay on trail
  - You've been warned and yes,
  - There are acceptable losses on this trail!!!

Dog Friendly Factor:
  Tough dogs only who don't mind swimming
Stroller Friendly Factor:
  A-B. Mostly off road; shiggy & water for both walkers and runners. Walkers trail about 3ish miles. Runners trail about 5ish miles (true trail). Bring dry shoes/pants/deet/spf. Bring a chair, ending is outside
  As usual, bring dry shoes and clothes in a small bag, not your airport suitcase. Bag vehicle provided.

If you're in the D.C. Metro area and need directions to the next hash call the
hash hotline (202)PUD-JAM-0 [783-5260] ext. 6#

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