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Hash 1892

10:00 AM - Dec 3, 2022 

Cost:  $6.00 for adults; $3 for children. 

Hare(s):  Wee Willie Wanker, Marathon Meth Man, Humpa Lumpa

Willie's Cell:  617-359-7844

Theme:  World Cup! Wear your red white and blue for Team USA who is playing World Cup knockout round during trail or Orange if you're rooting for the Dutch.  

Start:Cardinal Forrest Elementary School, 8600 Forrester Blvd. Springfield, VA 

8600 Forrester Blvd - Google Maps

Dog Friendly Factor:  Allowed/all the neighbors have dogs so there might be a lot of barking and Willie's kids want a dog so they may try to steal any dogs.

Stroller Friendly Factor:  Walker’s trail is stroller friendly.  Runner’s trail is not  

Walkers 2 miles

Runners 4 miles

Shiggy level: 1for walker’s trail and 6 for runner’s trail.

Miscellaneous: A to B. Bag vehicle will be provided.

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